My one and only goal was to make the wearer feel beautiful, unique, free and with a different outlook on life.

My story - as most stories do - starts with my family. With my mother who is a fashion designer and art lover and my brother who is an international travel photographer. This meant that, from an early age, I grew up surrounded by colours, interesting shapes and more creative ideas than I could wave a stick at.

Even though I started my career by studying Marketing and Journalism and for many years worked for a number of newspapers, magazines and other media outlets. However, times change and the advent of the financial crisis in Greece meant that the time had come to look for something new, something which would allow me to look beyond the depressing present to a future where I could do what would fill the world with beautiful and unique creations. I wanted to make things which would spread joy not only to those who would wear them but also to those around them. And since desire and raw creativity is rarely enough, this led me to a series of workshops, seminars and classes on jewelry, sandals and clothe-pattern design.

Each item here is designed and build by me from my home-based studio, with materials I researched and sourced myself. And this is what “moni mou” means - “all by myself”.

The ideas come from everything which makes me feel beautiful and unique - pictures, colours, senses and sounds from the world around me. As a result, each item is equally unique, with its own story, a story which awaits you to take it forward, grow and embellish it - make it your own.
Almost every day a new design is “born”.
I love what I do, but what I love more is making my customers feel beautiful - there is no greater reward than hearing my clients reflect that!

Thank you for helping me live my dream



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